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Anti Riot Suit

Model Number:  ARS-1 ARS-2
Structure:  PA + Alloy PA + Alloy
Standard Size: One size fit all One size fit all
Weight of standard size: ≈8.5Kg ≈8.5Kg
Main Features: Surface material: Anti flaming & fireproof oxford fabric
Protective coating material: hard alloy
Armour coating material: strength PA
Sheep leather gloves
Total Protecting Area: >1.08m2
Stab restistance: the knife point penetrates through the protecting layer under 20J kinetic energy.
Impact resistance: the protecting layer will not be crazed or damaged under 120J kinetic energy.
Energy absorbency under attack: the glue impress will not be over 20mm under 100J kinetic energy.
Flame resistance: flaming time of the protecting layer will not be over 10s.
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