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Bullet Proof Shield

(Pure UHMwPE or ceramic composite shield meet NIJ level IIIA, III++ & IV protection)

The PE shield before install glass, handle and paint


Structure: 100% PE100% PEPE composite ceramicPE composite silicon carbon
Shield Size:900x520mm900x520mm / 1000x550900x520mm / 1000x550900x520mm / 1000x550
Window size (Option):195x60mm250x60mm or 300x100mm250x60mm250x60mm
Weight of Shield:≈6Kg≈12Kg≈20Kg≈22Kg
LED Light:OptionOptionOptionOption
Tested Performance: 

(according to NIJ 0101.06 standard Levels)

Protect LevelIIIAIII+MSC / RF1III+MSC+SS109 / RF2IV / RF3
9x19mm FMJ @ 426m/s (1400ft/s)PassPassPassPass
.44 Magnum Lead SWC @ 426m/s (1400ft/s)PassPassPassPass
7.62x51mm 308 Winchester @ 838m/s (2750ft/s)-PassPassPass
7.62x39mm MSC @ 710m/s-PassPassPass
5.56x45mm SS109--PassPass
7.62x39mm API x 6 shots---Pass
7.62x53/54mm AP x 3 shots---Pass
.30 (7.62x63mm) AP x 1 shots---Pass
Reference Pictures: