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Bullet Proof UHMwPE UD fabric

(SB130/SB160/SB166 bulletproof ud fabric)

Model Number:  SB130 SB160 SB164   SB166   SB166/80 SB168/90
Raw Material:  UHMwPE Fiber
Tenacity of Fiber: >32cN/dtex >32cN/dtex >34cN/dtex >36cN/dtex >38cN/dtex
Area Density:  ≈130g/m2 ≈160g/m2 ≈150g/m2 ≈225g/m2 ≈300g/m2
Structure:  4 layers UD (Uni-Directional) 4 layers UD 4 layers UD 6 layers UD 8 layers UD
Roll Width:  1.2 meter as standard (option 1.6 meter) 1.6 meter as standard (option 1.2 meter)
Roll Length:  100+ meters continuous in roll
Designed For:  Soft Armor, Bulletproof Vest, Soft Inserts


Tested Performance: (according to NIJ 0101.04/06 standard)

NIJ.06 IIIA 9mm only ≈4.3Kg/m2 (tested by H.P.W since 2009) ≈4.1Kg/m2 ≈4.1Kg/m2 ≈3.9Kg/m2
NIJ.06 IIIA .44Magnum ≈5.6Kg/m2 (tested by H.P.W since 2009) ≈5.4Kg/m2 ≈5.2Kg/m2 ≈5.1Kg/m2
Main Benefits: Over 14 years used in worldwide market, Zero (0) problem More stronger