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Bullet Proof UHMwPE UD fabric

(SB130/SB160/SB166/SB168 bulletproof UD fabric)

UHMwPE fiber, is the well known strongest fiber for making high-performance anti-ballistic UD in the world today.  

Fiber Grade65708090
ApplicationSoft BallisticSoft BallisticSoft BallisticSoft Ballistic








SB130 and SB160 is main made from 32cN/dtex UHMwPE fiber has in market over ten (10) years and used by worldwide body armor manufactures. They are typical 1.2 meter width in roll packing and four (4) plies fiber in Uni-Directional structure. It can made from higher grade fiber too if required.

SB164 is 1.6 meter width with 4 plies UD and main use >34cN/dtex grade fiber for soft ballistic application. 

SB166 is 1.6 meter width with 6 plies UD and main use >36cN/dtex grade fiber and SB168 is 8 plies UD for high-performance soft armors. 

Model Number: SB130SB160SB164  SB166  SB166/80SB168/90
Raw Material: UHMwPE Fiber
Tenacity of Fiber:>32cN/dtex>32cN/dtex>34cN/dtex>36cN/dtex>38cN/dtex
Area Density: ≈130g/m2≈160g/m2≈150g/m2≈225g/m2≈225g/m2≈300g/m2
Structure: 4 layers UD (Uni-Directional)4 layers UD4 layers UD6 layers UD6 layers UD8 layers UD
Roll Width: 1.2 meter as standard (option 1.6 meter)1.6 meter as standard (option 1.2 meter)
Roll Length: 100+ meters continuous in roll
Designed For: Soft Armor, Bulletproof Vest, Soft Inserts
Tested Performance: (according to NIJ 0101.04/06 standard)
NIJ.06 IIIA 9mm only≈4.3Kg/m2 (tested by H.P.W since 2009)≈4.1Kg/m2≈4.1Kg/m2≈3.9Kg/m2
NIJ.06 IIIA .44Magnum≈5.6Kg/m2 (tested by H.P.W since 2009)≈5.4Kg/m2≈5.2Kg/m2≈5.1Kg/m2
Main Benefits:Over 14 years used in worldwide market, Zero (0) problemMore stronger