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NIJ level III Bullet Proof Plate

(Pure UHMwPE plate, ceramic hard armor inserts meet NIJ level III/III+/RF1/RF2)

Structure: 100% PEPE + Aluminum OxidePE + Silicon CarbidePE + Silicon Carbide
Weight of 250x300mm Plate:≈1.1Kg - 1.5Kg≈2Kg - 2.3Kg≈1.9Kg - 2.1Kg≈1.7Kg
Curve Style:Single / MultiSingle / Multi curveSingle / Multi curveSingle / Multi curve
Ceramic Style: -MosaicMosaic / MonolithicMosaic / Monolithic
Cover Style: Waterproof fabric / Polyurea coat or by order
Option Plate Size:200x250mm, 230x280mm,240x290mm, 250x300mm, 300x350mm, 350x400mm
Option Sides Plate Size:150x200mm, 200x200mm, 210x220mm, 220x250mm or by order
Tested Performance:(according to NIJ 0101.06 standard Level III)
Testing conditionStand AloneStand AloneStand AloneWith IIIA vest
7.62x51mm M80 x 6 shotsPassPassPassPass
7.62x39mm MSC x 6 shotsPassPassPassPass
5.56x45mm SS109 x 6 shots-PassPassPass