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PE Plate of Bulletproof Ceramic Insert

(6mm - 14mm PE back plate for making NIJ level III++ or IV ceramic inserts)

6mm - 14mm bulletproof UHMW PE Plate

The bulletproof PE plate which made from Hard Armor Applications UHMwPE UD is the best one for composite ceramic inserts. It is 6mm - 14mm thickness based on design and single / multi curve for different solution. It is easy composite with mosaic or monolithic anti-ballistic levels silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, boron carbide ceramics for making NIJ level III, III++, IV or higher protection bulletproof plates and vehicle panels.

Ceramic inserts composite with the PE plate has higher anti-ballistic performance and lightweight than aramid materials.



Model Number: 8mm10mm12mm14mm

100% Hard Armor Applications UHMwPE UD

Weight of 250x300mm Plate:≈600g≈750g≈900g≈1050g
Curve Style:Single / Multi curve
Cover Style: Original (No cover)
Option Plate Size:200x250mm, 230x280mm,240x290mm, 250x300mm, 300x350mm, 350x400mm or by order
Option Sides Plate Size:150x200mm, 200x200mm, 210x220mm, 220x250mm or by order