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Positive Airway Pressure Device

(YH830 Ventilator with independent medical grade humidifier)

Model Number:  YH830 Bi Station YH830 LCD Station YH830 LCD station with 3L/5L Oxygen
LCD display - Yes Yes
With pressure and flow waveform display - Yes Yes
With real-time monitoring eight (8) kinds of respiratory parameters - Yes Yes
With Test Lung - Yes Yes
With independent medical grade humidifier Yes Yes Yes
Trolley with patch board Yes Yes Yes
oxygen cylinder slot Yes Yes Yes
With full face mask 1pc 1pc 1pc
SD card x 1pc 16G 16G 16G
Mode: CPAP, S, T, ST, VGPS Yes Yes Yes
Pressure: 4-30 cmH2O Yes Yes Yes
Trigger adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Cycle adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Slope adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Noise <=32dB(A) <=32dB(A) <=32dB(A)
Oxygen concentrator not support not support Yes
        Flow Range: - - 0.5-5L/min
        Oxygen Connectration:  - - 90%-96%
        Outlet Pressure:  - - 40-70kPa
        Sound Level: Front side - - 48dB(A) (average)
        Sound Level: Whole unit     52dB(A)
        Input Power:  - - 400VA
        Minimum Operation Time:  - - 30min
Certificate CE / CFDA CE / CFDA CE / CFDA
Power Adapter 1pc 1pc 1pc
Breathing hose (length 1.8 meter) 1pc 1pc 1pc
Packing 49x33x22cm, 80x45x30cm 63x63x105cm x 1CTN 63x63x105cm x 1CTN
Net weight ~23Kg ~25Kg ~25Kg
Gross weight by air >29Kgs >83Kgs >83Kgs
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