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Specification of Handcuffs

  • A mechanism that locks a handcuff pawl in an engaged position, and prevents the ratchet from advancing further in the closing direction.
  • A ring-shaped shackle for the wrist, usually one of a pair connected by a short-chain or linked bar.
  • A spring-loaded pivoted bar that engages the teeth of a ratchet, permitting it to advance in the closing direction only.
  • A bar with inclined teeth designed to engage with a pawl. The ratchet should be free to advance past the pawl in one direction of motion only.
  • Dimensions:
    • Each handcuff of each pair to have a minimum opening of 50 mm (2.0 in) for insertion of the human wrist.
    • The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a minimum of 200 mm(7.9 in) when the ratchet is engaged at the first notch entering the locking mechanism.
    • The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a maximum of 165 mm (6.5 in) when the ratchet is engaged at the last notch entering the locking mechanism.
    • The maximum overall length of the pair of handcuffs to be 2400 mm (9.4 in).
  • Mechanical Strength:
    • Each pair to withstand a maximum tensile force of 2200 N (495lbf) for a period not less than 30 Seconds, when tested.
    • Not open under load, to show no sign of permanent distortion or fracture, and to function in a normal manner following such test
  • Designed for POLICE certificate users only

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