KN95 Face Mask FFP2 CE Certificate Respirator

KN95 FACE MASK with 4D stereo protection, 5 plies structure, and its tested performance of more than 95% (around 99%). It has CE certificated by SGS according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR Respirator Mask.

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Specification of KN95 Face Mask, FFP2 Respirator

[Product Performance] Non-woven fabric, High-efficiency electrostatic melt-blown filter fabric, Antibacterial cotton, Non-woven fabric are adopted. The mask’s 3D shape is designed according to the ergonomics of the human face to ensure the tightness and increase the breathing capacity of the mask, greatly improve the air permeability and make it comfortable and breathe.

[Range of Application] Suitable for protection of PM2.5 haze particles, food, chemicals, coal dust, cement dust, metal smelting, and processing manufacturing.

[How to Wear] Open the mask fully, position the mask with a metal nose strip up. After wearing, use both hands to press the metal nose strip to fit the bridge of your nose and achieve a better protective effect.

[Note] Before using, check whether the packaging is intact, and confirm the marked expiration date of the outer package, and use it within the expiration date.

[Storage Conditions] It should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, away from fire sources and flammable materials.

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Certificates of KN95 Face Mask, FFP2 Respirator

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KN95 Face Mask FFP2 CE Certificate Respirator

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