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Armoured Vehicle Panel

(NIJ Level IIIA, III Pure PE Panel for lightweight anti-ballistic car, ship and vehicles)

Pre-Cut Anti-ballistic Panel by customer design


The anti-ballistic vihecle panel made from Hard Armor Applications UHMwPE UD has high performance and lightweight characters. It can float on water so, it can applied on police ship, bulletproof car and armoured vehicles. Another side, it also can make other security items like anti-ballistic door, chair, tables and so on.

Today, we can provide NIJ 0108.01 level III+ (NATO ball plus 7.62x39mm MSC) less than 20mm or more thin if you composite with other materials. We can provide full size flat panel with 1200x2200mm or 1600x2400mm and also, pre-cut for you according to your design.




Structure:100% Hard Armor Applications UHMwPE UD
Size:1200x2200mm1200x2200mm (Option 1600x2400mm)
Weight per sq.meter (m2):≈4Kg/m2≈4.5Kg/m2≈5.5Kg/m2≈20Kg/m2≈18Kg/m2≈22Kg/m2
Weight per Panel:≈10.5Kg≈12Kg≈14.5Kg≈53Kg≈47.5Kg≈58Kg
Curve Style:FlatFlatFlatFlatFlatFlat
Tested Performance:  

 (according to NIJ 0108.01 standard Levels)

9x19mm FMJ @ 426m/s (1400ft/s)PassPassPassPassPassPass
.44 Magnum Lead SWC @ 426m/s (1400ft/s)-PassPassPassPassPass
7.62x51mm 308 Winchester @ 838m/s (2750ft/s)---PassPassPass
7.62x39mm MSC @ 710m/s----PassPass
5.56x45mm SS109------