bulletproof fabric

Since 2007

15 years golden supplier

We have been a professional supplier of UHMWPE fiber, bulletproof fabric, bulletproof vests, body armor plates, ballistic helmets, bulletproof shields, armored vehicle panels, tactical gear, safety gloves, and personal protective equipment for over 15 years. 

Guodun Armor Vision

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bulletproof fabric
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Tons UHMWPE fiber & UD / year
5000 +
Pcs Ballistic Helmet / year
200000 +
Pcs Body Armor Plate / year
500000 +
Pcs Bulletproof Vest / year
800000 +
idex 2017 1920
bulletproof vest (2)

Bulletproof Vests

Plate Carrier Vest, Bullet Proof Vest & Level 4 Body Armor

Bulletproof Plate

Bulletproof Plates

NIJ level III / RF1 / RF2 / RF3 or IV bulletproof plates

fast bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof Helmets

Bulletproof PASGT / MICH / FAST Military Helmet

guodun armor anti riot suit and police shield

Police Anti Riot Equipment

Anti riot shield, helmet, suit and protective goggle

1600x2400mm - Ballistic Panel

Bulletproof Vehicle Panel & Shield

Bulletproof Shield, Glass & Armoured Vehicle Panel

UHMWPE UD bulletproof fabric

Bulletproof Fabric

UHMWPE Fabric, Ballistic Materials

winter suit

Tactical Backpacks & Uniform

Tactical Vest, Tactical Backpack, Uniform & Military Gears

white cuff level 5 cut resistance glove.jpg

Cut Resistant Gloves

With EN388 level 3, 4 & 5 cut proof gloves

cut resistance t shirt (9)

UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric

Fabric made from UHMWPE fiber and its clothes

ice silk uhmwpe cool feeling fabric mattress white (3) guodun armor

UHMWPE Ice Silk Cool Fabric

Made from UHMWPE fiber for mattress & pillow

UHMWPE Fiber 400D


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn

aramid fiber

Aramid Fiber & Fabric

Aramid Fabric & Fire Resistant Clothing

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