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More tactical bulletproof vest for POLICE / Military / VIP using

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (64)

Tactical Bulletproof Vest

With MOLLE webbing system at front and back

bulletproof fabric

Full Protection Bulletproof Vest

With front, back, sides, shoulders, neck, groin protection

bulletproof fabric

Quick Release Bulletproof Vest

Quick-release, MOLLE webbing, Magazine pouches

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (80)

Best Bulletproof Vest

Combat style for POLICE / Military operation protection

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (88)

Concealable / Anti-stab Vest

Convert for VIP bulletproof & anti-stab protection

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (9)

OEM bulletproof vest

Customize design, fabric, color & protection vest

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