What is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn?

The UHMWPE fiber (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn) has 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramid when weight for weight basis. It is the strongest yarn today for making cut-resistance gloves, high-strength ropes, and bulletproof fabrics. Its tenacity at breaking up to 45g/D and has goods performance on anti-UV, anti-chemicals, and anti-cut. Typical Technical Properties After 1500 Sunshine hours, its remaining strength is more than 80%. After 6 months in most chemicals (seawater, gas, etc.), its remaining strength is 100%. The UHMWPE ropes remaining strength is 100% after 1000 times loaded relative test. Melting Point is around 135-145, Highly resistant to abrasion, cutting, tearing Its relative times until the break of Abrasion proof is more than 110 to 103. Its relative times until the break of Winding proof is more than 110 to 103. Its strength of annulation is 12 up to 18g/d. it’s 10 up to 15g/d for collusion. Color is bright white and poor for dyeing.

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bulletproof ceramic tiles and base plate

How to make a bulletproof plate?

The bulletproof plate is part of the high protection of body armor required to meet NIJ standard level III or IV. It means required to against rifle or high power bullets like 7.62x51mm NATO ball, 7.62x39mm AK47 MSC, 5.56x45mm SS109, .30 M2 AP, or similar. The soft armor vest always designed for handguns so, it required the bulletproof plate together. The bulletproof plate is rigid with the single or multi-curve. It calls a hard armor panel (HAP) or SAPI or ESAPI. And it always uses two pieces per body armor at the front and back to protect major organs of the body. To make one bulletproof plate, required to follow steps and it also suitable for making a bulletproof shield or armored vehicle panel. Step 1: Choose structure of bulletproof plate Regular has two structures of the bulletproof plate in the market today. One is pure PE and another is with ceramics. That has steel plate before but not use too much today because of too heavy. Pure PE only suitable for NIJ level III, III+ or RF1 up to RF2 plate The ceramic plate can use for all protect levels including level III up to IV / RF3 Step 2: Choose ceramic if required That has three types of ceramic canbe use in market today. >99% Alumina Oxide (Al2O3) Ceramic: weight ~3.9kg/mm, cheaper but heavy >85% Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic: weight ~3.2kg/mm, competitive >85% Boron Carbide (B4C) Ceramic: weight ~2.2kg/mm, lightweight but expensive Alumina Oxide is a very low-cost solution today but silicon carbide is more welcome because of its lightweight. Boron carbide will be more use in future but its cost too high today. And for the ceramic, that has hexagon tiles, square tiles, or monolithic to choose from in the market. It is depending on the cost

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bulletproof aramid ud fabric.jpg

How to make bulletproof fabric / UHMWPE UD?

The bulletproof fabric is made from high-strength UHMWPE fiber with a Uni-Directional (UD) structure. The high-strength UHMWPE fiber has good performance when against the impact of the high velocity of bullets and, the UD structure can transfers the power quickly than women fabric in a short time. Step 1: Choose UHMWPE fiber or Aramid Fiber That has much fiber that can make bulletproof fabric. The Aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber is the popular fiber today in the world. The tenacity of aramid fiber has ~22cN/dtex and for the UHMWPE fiber, the tenacity over 36cN/dtex today, which has over 40% stronger than aramid fiber. The well known main difference between aramid and UHMWPE fiber are: UHMWPE fiber is stronger and lightweight than aramid fiber Aramid fiber can heat higher temperature up to 500 degrees For more information, please see What is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn? and What is Aramid Fiber? Step 2: Choose Uni-Directional (UD) or Woven Structure The Uni-Directional structure is the fiber layer as 0/90 or 0/90/0/90 or 0/90/0/90/0/90 or more times. All fiber has no cross. The UD structure has fast transfer when the fiber heat high power impact so, it is better than woven structure as we knew. The woven structure is classic plain or similar which is easy to make by weaving machines. for more information, please see what is a uni-directional (UD) structure? Step 3: Use Right Resin The resin is the main material except for the fiber. It is very important for high-performance bulletproof fabric. It cannot order directly from outsourcing so, it always develops by engineers. Step 4: Use Professional Machine It just needs one professional machine to make bulletproof fabric after decided fiber and structure. The machine can spread evenly fiber on special film and fix with resin and then, laminated each

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Hand Glove Size Measuring

Hand Glove Size

Hand glove size is refer to United State of American and European standards. It is for people measure hand circumference and palm length to decide which size glove suitable for your hand.

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