How to make a bulletproof vest?

guodun soft armor panel (8)

Step 1: Confirm the using condition and which kind of bulletproof material

That has two main kinds of bulletproof material in the world today.

One is UHMWPE bulletproof fabric and another is aramid fabric. Their main difference is as below:

Ballistic PerformanceGoodGood
Melt Point (Temperature)Max 150 degrees (Using better less than 50 degrees)>300 degrees
Color WhiteYellow
Cool Temperature -20 degrees
Weight Lightweight and can float on water
Anti UVGood

So, it always uses UHMWPE bulletproof fabric except it using for a fireman vest or high-temperature environments.

Step 2: Confirm carrier vest style and functions

The vest has different styles and functions according to the final requirements. It can convert style, combat style, tactical MOLLE style, quick release style, floating jacket style, and so on. The fabric can use camouflage, special color, anti-flame, anti-UV, anti-cut, anti-IR, and waterproof Polyester, Nylon, IIIA meta-aramid fabric, or other suitable fabrics. It can be made at your side or order from us directly. For more, see different style bulletproof vests.

Step 3: Make a soft bulletproof panel according to your design and protection level

To cut the bulletproof fabric according to the designed shape, it can use a laser cutter or high-quality garment cutter. Then put required layers together according to protect level requirement, add anti-trauma foam at wear face and then, pack tother using sewing of hot seal fabric technology. For more, see Bulletproof Backpack Inserts & Soft Armor Panel.

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (38)

Step 4: Make bulletproof plate if required high protection level

Step 5: Complete the bulletproof vest

It is easy! Open the pocket of the bulletproof vest, insert the soft armor panel and then, close the magic tape of the pocket. Important note than the STRICK FACE must put right side.

More see How Do You Make a Bulletproof Vest? or Bulletproof vest – Wikipedia

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