Bulletproof Aramid Fabric

GDK200 Aramid UD Fabric is made from branded Aramid fiber and main for soft bulletproof vest application. It is using 2 ply Uni-Directional (0/90 UD) structure which is well known best for anti-ballistic fabrics today. The weight per square meter for NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA protection only need around 6.5kg after tested.

Additional information

Model Number


Raw Material

Aramid fiber

Area Density



2 ply UD (0/90)


Film cover on both sides


1.2 meters


100+ meters in roll


Soft Bulletproof Vest

Specification of Bulletproof Aramid Fabric

Aramid UD Fabric

Types of Bulletproof Aramid Fabric

Model Number: GDK200GDKPROGDT220
Raw Material: Aramid Fiber
Area Density: ≈200g/m2≈245g/m2≈220g/m2
Structure: 2 layers UD (Uni-Directional)4 layers UD2 layers UD
Roll Width: 1.2 meter as standard1.2 meter1.6 meter
Roll Length: 100+ meters continuous in roll3.2 meter
Designed For: Soft Armor, Bulletproof Vest, Soft Inserts
Tested Performance: (according to NIJ 0101.04/06 standard)
NIJ.06 IIIA 9mm only≈5.6Kg/m2≈5.6Kg/m2≈5.6Kg/m2
NIJ.06 IIIA .44Magnum≈6.4Kg/m2≈6.4Kg/m2≈6.4Kg/m2
Main Benefits:Against high temperature than PE
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Bulletproof Aramid Fabric

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