UHMWPE Bulletproof Fabric / SB160 UHMWPE UD made from Uni-directional structure high-tenacity UHMWPE fiber for Body Armor Manufactory making Soft Armor Bulletproof Vest, Ballistic Insert and weight around 160g/m2 since 2007

SB160 HPPE bulletproof fabric / UHMWPE UD is made from high-tenacity UHMWPE fiber and main for soft bulletproof vest application. It is using Uni-Directional structure which is well-known best for anti-ballistic fabrics today. The weight per square meter for NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA protection only needs around 4.8kg after testing.

Additional information

Raw Material

UHMWPE fiber

Area Density

160g/m2 or 80g/m2


1.6 meters (or by order)


100+ meters in roll


Soft Bulletproof Vest

Specification of HPPE Bulletproof Fabric, UHMWPE UD

The bulletproof fabric is made from high-strength UHMWPE fiber with a Uni-Directional (UD) structure. The high-strength UHMWPE fiber has good performance when against the impact of the high velocity of bullets and, the UD structure can transfers the power quickly than women fabric in a short time. For more, see How to make bulletproof fabric / UHMWPE UD?

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Below was the history performance of SB160.

  • 2007 -> 38 layers for NIJ IIIA .44 magnum
  • 2009 -> 36 layers for NIJ IIIA .44 magnum
  • 2013 -> 34 layers for NIJ IIIA .44 magnum
  • 2015 -> 32 layers for NIJ IIIA .44 magnum
  • 2019 -> 30 layers for NIJ IIIA .44 magnum

For more, see What is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn?

HPPE Bulletproof Fabric

Certificate of HPPE Bulletproof Fabric, UHMWPE UD

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