Woven Aramid Fabric of Helmet

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Specification of Woven Aramid Fabric

Aramid fabric made from branded aramid fiber like Kevlar, Twaron, and weaving in plain.

Guodun Armor Aramid Fabric

Types of Woven Aramid Fabric

Model Number: GDA-W200 GDA-W410 GDA-W460 GDA-W410R (w/ RESIN)
Raw Material: Branded Para Aramid Fiber
Area Density: ≈200g/m2 ≈410g/m2 ≈460g/m2 ≈460g/m2
Structure: Weaving in plain Plain Plain Plain w/ resin
Roll Width: 1.1/1.3/1.5 meter by order by order by order
Roll Length: 100+ meters continuous in roll
Designed For: Soft Armor, Bulletproof Vest, Soft Inserts Helmet / Hard Plate / Vehicle Panel

Application of Woven Aramid Fabric

aramid fabric panel

Main using for:

  • Aramid Bulletproof Helmet
  • Aramid  Armored Vehicle Panel
  • Aramid soft armor vest
bulletproof helmet shell (1)
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Woven Aramid Fabric of Helmet

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