Guodun Armor Milipol 2019

Guodun Armor @Milipol 2019

Guodun Armor show in Milipol Paris 2019 at hall 5 stand 5E009. We showed a bulletproof helmet, bulletproof vest, bulletproof plate, and other body armor items. It was a very successful show. We met a lot of our valuable customers there and receipted many new customers.

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Test report of 800D UHMWPE Fiber in 2021

The test sample is 800D UHMWPE fiber in original white color and test by DXLL in 2021 and the tenacity was 45.01cN/dtex. Tested Item Result Standard Linear Density 886dtex GB/T 14343-2008 Breaking Tenacity 45.01cN/dtex GB/T 19975-2005 CV of breaking tenacity 2.79% GB/T 19975-2005 Breaking elongation – GB/T 19975-2005 CV of breaking elongation – GB/T 19975-2005 Initial Modulus 1686cN/dtex GB/T 19975-2005 *The test results are transferred from below Chinese version. Part view of UHMWPE fiber test report – 800D

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Test report of bulletproof plate NIJ Level III+/RF1 – HB90

Summary of bulletproof plate NIJ level III+/RF1 test report Test Sample 25x30cm pure PE plate ~1.17kg/pc (made from ~17kg/m2 HB90 bulletproof fabric) Test Standard NIJ 0101.06 III 7.62x39mm MSC (stand-alone) Test Ammunition 7.62x39mm rifle cartridge (AK47 MSC) x 6 shots Test By Chinese Army Testing Center Test Time 2019 Test Result All passed testing for NIJ 0101.06 level III+/RF1 Test report of bulletproof plate NIJ Level III+/RF1

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