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Soft Armor Panel / Backpack Insert

(PE or Aramid Insert of Bulletproof Vest, Anti-stab Vest or Backpack)


Model Number: SAP-PESAP-AramidSAP-STAB1SAP-STAB2Backpack-Insert
Structure: PEAramidAramid (Option PE)PE (Option Aramid)
Anti-truama layers:OptionStandardStandardStandardOption
Anti-impact layers:OptionOptionOptionOptionOption
Anti-shock wave layers:OptionOptionOptionOptionOption
Shape and size:any by order (soft desing, cover with waterproof fabric, weight depending on size)
Tested Performance: (according to NIJ 0101.06 standard Level IIIA)
9x19mm FMJ @ 436m/sPassPassPassPassPass
.44 Magnum SJHP @ 436m/sPassPassPassPassPass
7.62x25mm TT FSJ @ 420m/sOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
NIJ 0115.00 stab level 1 (24J)--PassPassOption
NIJ 0115.00 stab level 2 (33J)---PassOption
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