Test report of 800D UHMWPE Fiber in 2019

The test sample is 800D/480F UHMWPE fiber in original white color and test by CTTC in 2019 and the tenacity was 36.7cN/dtex.

Tested ItemResultStandard
Linear Density891.6dtexGB/T 19975-2005
Breaking Tenacity36.7cN/dtexGB/T 19975-2005
CV of breaking tenacity5.46%GB/T 19975-2005
Breaking elongation3.25%GB/T 19975-2005
CV of breaking elongation5.84%GB/T 19975-2005
Initial Modulus1490cN/dtexGB/T 19975-2005
Oil Content0.05%GB/T 6504-2008
*The test results are transferred from below Chinese version.

Part view of UHMWPE fiber test report – 800D/480F

uhmwpe fiber 800d 37cn 2019 2
uhmwpe fiber 800d 37cn 2019 2

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