Anti Riot Helmet

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Specification of Anti Riot Helmet

Used for protecting police service personnel from attack to the forehead and the face. this helmet features a stylish and generous shape and novel design and is made from PC material. It has features of:

  • anti-impact
  • bearable anti-penetrate ability
  • strong vibration-proof
  • good leak-resistance
  • high transparency
  • anti-UV rays
  • colorfastness
  • good light penetration
  • good wearability
  • and fog-resistance abilities
anti riot suit helmet shield (2)
anti riot suit helmet shield (1)
  1. Anti-riot Helmet Shell:
    • Reinforced ABS material
    • The thickness of the shell top: ~4mm
    • The thickness of the shell side:~3mm
    • Shell edge encircled rubber to protect the user
  1. Anti-riot Helmet Visor:
    • Fog-proof, scratch-proof PC visor
    • Visor shape: Convex or Flat
    • Visor transmittance: >90%
    • Visor thickness: 2.5mm or 3mm
    • Customers can order visor capability freely
  1. Anti-riot helmet suspension system:
    • Two points style suspension
    • Shock-absorbing foam
    • Chin Strap material: soft rubber
    • With quickly released plastic button
    • Artificial leather and detachable neck protector
  1. Usage for head and face anti-riot protection
  2. Option print POLICE words in local language
  3. Color: Military green, black, white, or customized
  4. Size: one size fit all
  5. Weight :~1.5kg/pc
  6. Model: ARH-01

More style of Anti Riot Helmet

anti riot equipments 2021 (5)

Anti Riot Helmet with Flat Visor

Same but with flat shape visor (ARH-02)

anti riot equipments (2)

Anti Riot Helmet with Net

Weight around 1.6kg/pc (ARH-03)

anti riot equipments (4)

PASGT style Training Helmet

  • ABS material
  • One size fits all
  • PASGT style
  • Non-ballistic
  • Non-anti riot
  • ~600g/pc
  • For daily training use only
  • Model: Traing-Helmet
pasgt training helmet
pasgt training helmet inside

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