Gas Mask and Filter

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Specification of Gas Mask and Filter

  • Mask leakage rate: no more than 0.05%;
  • Total visual range: greater than 70%;
  • Inhalation resistance: less than 40pa;
  • Exhalation resistance: less than 100pa;
  • Lens transmittance: not less than 89%;
  • Prevention time: greater than or equal to 27 minutes.
  • Prevention objects:
    • hydrocyanic acid,
    • hydrogen chloride,
    • hydrogen arsenide,
    • phosgene,
    • diphosgene,
    • chloropicrin,
    • benzene,
    • methyl bromide,
    • dichloromethane,
    • Louis gas,
    • mustard gas,
    • phosphine,
    • toxic smoke,
    • and mist.
  • Filter material: aluminum alloy.
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Types of Gas Mask and Filter

Model Number:G-MASK-1G-MASK-2Filter
Structure:One big view with front filterTwo views with side filter 
Standard Size:One size fits allOne size fits all 
Weight of standard size:≈1.5Kg≈1.5Kg 
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