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UHMWPE UD bulletproof fabric

Bulletproof Fabric

UHMWPE UD fabric, Aramid Fabric

PASGT bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof Helmet

PASGT / MIHC / FAST Aramid Helmet

Guodun Armor Bulletproof Jacket for Police

Bulletproof Vest & Body Armor

Bulletproof Vest, Full Protection Body Armor

Bulletproof Shield (2)

Bulletproof Shield & Panel

NIJ levels Bulletproof Shield & Armoured Vehicle Panel

Bulletproof Plate

Bulletproof Plate

NIJ level III / RF1 / RF2 / RF3 or IV bulletproof plates

pap tactical vest side view.jpg

Tactical Vest, Bags, Uniform & Gear

Police / Military Equipments, Outdoor Gear, etc

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UHMWPE Fiber 400D


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn

UHMWPE Anti-cut Fabric

Cut Resistant Fabric & Clothes

Fabric made from UHMWPE fiber and its clothes


Cut Resistant Gloves

EN388 level 3/4/5 cut-resistance glove

aramid helmet woven fabric.jpg

UHMWPE / Aramid Woven Fabtic

Weaving in plain anti-flame / aramid fabric

ice silk uhmwpe cool feeling fabric mattress white (3) guodun armor

Ice Silk Fabric

The mattress fabric made from UHMWPE fiber

aramid ropes.jpg

UHMWPE / Aramid Ropes

High-strength ropes / fishing line / nets

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