51mm – 61mm UHMWPE Staple Fiber cut from UHMWPE fiber for making Non-Woven fabric, or Improve Tenacity of Construction

21mm – 61mm by order short cut UHMWP fiber for Spun Yarn

Additional information

Model: ST51ST61
Length: 51mm ± 1mmby order
Linear density:1.8dtex1.8dtex or by order
Tenacity at breaking:≥30cN/dtex≥30cN/dtex
Elongation at break:≤3.5%≤3.5%
Elastic Modulus:≥1000cN/dtex≥1000cN/dtex
Curl number:8 ~ 12 per 25mm8 ~ 12 per 25mm
Raw material:UHMWPE fiber
Oil Pick-up:<1%
Melt Point:140-152 Degrees
Abrasion and fatigue resistance:Excellent
Chemical resistance:Excellent (Acid / Alkali / Water / most chemicals)
Environmental attribute:Excellent (Light / UV / weathering)
Packing Information:By PP bag or by order

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