Fusion Thermal Binocular with Laser Range finder & Positioning System

The Fusion Thermal Binocular is composed of low light CMOS sensor and IR sensor, OLED display (resolution: 800X600) and eyepiece with large FOV. It also is a laser range finder, who can locate the target in long distance.

It can be used in all the weather (including fog, smog, rain, snow) to detect and locate the target. Its fusion detection can outstand the targets, of which could be identified easily in the fusion mode even the target is remote. Also, It got outstanding record (video and picture-taking) function. Therefore, it is widely used for patrol, law enforcement, rescue, search of drug dealers and criminals, etc.

Additional information

  • Fusion thermal
  • GPS & Compass
  • Low light CMOS camera
  • OLED display
  • Laser range finder
  • WIFI
fusion thermal binocular (2)
fusion thermal binocular (1)

Visible light sensor Low light CMOS sensor
Resolution 1280×768
Pitch 6μm×6μm
Wave length 350~1000nm
Focus length 35mm
FOV 11°×8.6°

IR sensor uncooled
IR Resolution 384×288 640X512
Pitch 17μm 12 um
Spectrum 8-14 um
NETD <40mk @f/1.0
Focus length 50mm f/1.0 motorized lens
FOV 7.4°×5.6°
Display 0.5 Inch,OLED, 800×600
Image color 14 kinds
Image mode 11 kinds

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Fusion Thermal Binocular with Laser Range finder & Positioning System

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