PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

The PASGT bulletproof helmet is made from aramid fiber or PE with high-performance protection for police or military daily using.

Additional information

Main Material

Aramid fiber

Protect Level

NIJ 0106.01 level IIIA

Against Ammo

.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9x19mm FMJ


Black, Desert, Olive, UN Blue


L, M, S


Military, Police

Specification of Bulletproof Helmet, Aramid Helmet

The bulletproof helmet is made from aramid fiber.

  • Adjustable four points suspension system
  • PASGT style shape
  • Compatible with radio equipment
  • Weight around 1.5kg/pc for L size
  • Option: Made from PE
PASGT Bulletproof Helmet Woodland cover
Ballistic Helmet

Types of Bulletproof Helmet

Structure: PEAramidPEAramidPEAramid
The thickness of Shell:≈10mm≈8mm≈10mm≈8mm≈10mm≈8mm
Weight of Large size:≈1.45Kg≈1.35Kg≈1.45Kg≈1.45Kg≈1.45Kg≈1.45Kg

Tested Performance: (according to NIJ 0106.01 standard Level IIIA)

1.1g fragment @ V50>=610m/s>=650m/s>=610m/s>=650m/s>=610m/s>=650m/s
9x19mm FMJ @ 426m/sPassPassPassPassPassPass
.44 Magnum SJHP @ 426m/sPassPassPassPassPassPass
7.62x25mm TT FSJ @ 420m/sPassPassPassPassPassPass
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PASGT Bulletproof Helmet

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