Camouflage Fabric made by Nylon, Polyester in Multicam, Desert, ACU, BDU, Woodland, Digital Camouflage Color for Uniform Fabric, Bulletproof Vest Carrier, Tent, Tactical Bag, Backpack

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Specification of Military Camouflage Uniform Fabric

Pure nylon Camouflage Fabric

Advantages: Nylon 66 has high strength, tear resistance, uniform coloring, and can be finished at the same time as infrared, flame retardant, waterproof, oil and coating.

Uses: raincoats, tents, backpacks, luggage, and military bulletproof vest, tactical vest

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Safari Camouflage Fabric

Advantages: wear-resistant, comfortable, lightweight, imitating all kinds of forests and natural environments, with complex patterns, high concealment, and anti-counterfeiting functions.

Uses: military uniforms, hunting outfits

Pure Polyester Camouflage Military Fabric

Advantages: strong, tear-resistant, lightweight, uniform color, full color, good color fastness, and good anti-infrared function.

Uses: raincoat, tent, backpack, bulletproof vest, tactical vest

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