Police Baton / Auto-lock Expandable Baton

Additional information

Specification of Police Baton / Rubber Baton

  • Material: Rubber/PP;
  • Super lightweight, with carrying belt;
  • Distortion:0°C~80°C;
  • Special soft design handle and a Nylon cord at the end;
  • Prevents sliding;
  • Length: 85 cm;
  • Diameter ( body): 2.8 cm;
  • Design for POLICE baton or training baton
  • Model: Baton-Rubber

Specification of Auto-lock Expandable Baton

anti riot suit helmet shield gas mask (3)

The extendable baton fulfill the following specification:

  • Model: Baton-AutoLock
  • Folded length: 180-220 mm
  • Expanded length: about 530 mm
  • Handle Diameter 22-30mm, adjustment for big hands should be possible, for example, with a solid sleeve
  • Weight: not more than 600 gm
  • Material: Permanent and fracture resistance.
  • All the materials are:-
    i) Resistance to high and low temperatures (-20°C to +70° C).
    ii) Difficult to catch fire, self-extinguishing.
    iii) Resistance to chemicals e.g. cleaning agents, lubricants, and solvents.
    iv) Resistance to aging, corrosion, temperature, and UV radiation

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