Test report of bulletproof fabric – SB166 4.5kg/m2

Test Sample4.5kg/m2 (30 Layers) SB166 UHMWPE UD (with 5mm anti-trauma foam at back)
Test StandardGA141-2010 level 3 (higher than NIJ 0101.06 IIIA)
Test Ammunition7.62x25mm Lead Core x 6 shots
Test ByChina Ordnance Equipment Test Center
Test Time2021.2
Test ResultAll passed testing (Sample Condition: Normal Temperature)

Test report of bulletproof fabric SB166 4.5kg/m2

sb166 bulletproof fabric ga141 2010 3
DistanceAngleShooting SequenceMuzzle Velocity (m/s)PenetrationBFS Requirement BFS depth
5M01512 no <=25mm 14mm
5M +302508 no <=25mm 12mm
5M -453505 no <=25mm 12mm
5M 04507 no <=25mm 15mm
5M 05509 no <=25mm 14mm
5M 06505 no <=25mm 11mm
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