Anti Riot Suit

Additional information

Specification of Anti Riot Suit

  • Shell material: High-Performance engineering plastic
  • Liner Fabric: Anti flaming & fireproof oxford fabric
  • Anti Puncture: the chest and back protector all have aluminum plates. subject to up to 20J Kinetic energy of puncture.  the Protection layer is not penetrated at the knifepoint
  • Anti-Impact: subject to the Impact of 120J kinetic energy, the protection layer is not damaged or broken.
  • Strike power absorbing: Subject to 100J kinetic energy strike at protection layer, the colloid clay Impress does not exceed 20mm
  • Fireproof Performance: after blazing sample for 10 seconds, taking off the burner, sustained combustion should be not more than 10 seconds.
  • Usage for chest, back, up arm, forearm, side, shoulder, elbow, lap, knee, shin anti-riot protection
  • Protection area: about 1.08㎡
  • Size: free for 165-190㎝, can adjust by magic tape
  • Weight: ~8kg (or ~9kg with carrying bag)
  • Color: black
  • Model: ARS-01
guodun armor anti riot suit and police shield
  • Protected parts:
    • Chest,
    • back,
    • up arm,
    • forearm,
    • side,
    • shoulder,
    • elbow,
    • lap,
    • knee,
    • shin
anti riot equipments (4)

More style of Anti Riot Suit

anti riot equipments 2021 (6)

New style Anti Riot Suit

New style for more comfortable design (ARS-02)

anti riot suit helmet shield (1)

Soft Anti Riot Suit only 7Kg/set

With Soft Anti-Stab material at front and back (ARS-03)

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Anti Riot Suit

    anti riot suit

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    anti riot suit
    anti riot suit
    anti riot suit
    anti riot suit

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