Uniform Fabric made by Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, T/C with Twill, Plain, Ripstop structure for Police Gear, Military Uniform in Black, White, Olive, Tan or to order

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Specification of Nylon / Polyester Uniform Fabric

50 Industry washes Uniform Fabric

Testing Standard: 50 times washing with degrees water

Our Advantages: High Color fastness to washing for 50 times; After 5 times Industrial washing, the shrinkage of T/C fabric is 1% or 2%. Pure cotton fabric is 2% or 3%.

Applicable industries: Costume Rental/Machinery/Coal/Army

military camouflage uniform fabric (3)
military camouflage uniform fabric (4)

Nylon/Cotton Military Uniform Fabric

Advantages: It has the characteristics of high strength, good abrasion resistance, and comfortable wearing. It can be used for various special finishing such as anti-red thread, flame-retardant, three-proof, coating, anti-mosquito, and anti-bacterial.

Purpose: Army uniform / Military clothing

Antistatic Ripstop Uniform Fabric

Testing Standard  : EN1149-1,EN1149-3,Gb12014,GB12703-91,tec.

Our Advantages: Good washing fastness, excellent anti-electrostatic control properties, reach Grade A according to National Standard Test Gb12014-2009, The resistance between two points is below 1.0×105-7

Industry :  Petroleum/Chemical/Electronics/Scientfic Research

military camouflage uniform fabric (6)
military camouflage uniform fabric (5)

Flame Retardant Uniform Fabric

Testing Standard :  GB/T5455、GB8965.1-2009、EN470-1、EN533、EN531、BS5852、EN11612、NFPA2112

Our Advantages: 100 times washing, good strength, comfortable hand feeling, formaldehyde content <75PPM, Ammonia cure, and CP finish

Industry : Chemical/Coal/Fire/Army

Low Stretch and Slim Workwear Fabric

  • Highlight
  • Reducing wearing fatigue.
  • Fitted tailor, comfortable, fashionable, and slim.
  • Better than the traditional stretch fabric with spandex yarn, high tenacity, not easy to be distorted, low cost.
military camouflage uniform fabric (7)
anti flame polyestor fabric (3)

Chlorine Bleaching Resistance Uniform Fabric

Testing Standard: AATTCC188-2002、 GB/T7069-1997/IS0105N01、IS0 N01-1993

Our Advantages: good strength, comfortable hand feeling, resistance to 2000ppm available chlorine, the color change is 3-4 class or 4 class

 Industry: Hospital/Chemical industry/Leisure

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