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guodun soft armor panel (31)

SB168 UHMWPE Bulletproof Fabric made from 0/90/0/90/0/90/0/90 (8) Uni-directional structure high-tenacity UHMWPE fiber for Body Armor Manufactory making Soft Armor Bulletproof Vest, Ballistic Insert

SB168 HPPE bulletproof fabric / UHMWPE UD is made from >40cN/dtex (>45g/D) UHMWPE fiber and main for soft bulletproof vest application. It is using 8 plies Uni-Directional (0/90/0/90/0/90/0/90 UD) structure which is well known best for anti-ballistic fabrics today. The weight per square meter for 7.62x25mm TT lead core @ 445m/s protection only needs ~4kg after tested.

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