UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric

Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber anti-cutting fabric has excellent anti-cutting performance, is the preferred material for VIP anti-cutting suit, anti-cutting coat, anti-cutting bag and other safety products.

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Specification of UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric

The linear density of the anti-cut fabric can cover 33Dtex to 2640dtex, and the fineness of a single filament can cover 0.95d to 2.2d, among which 0.95d single filament is relatively rare.

The main material of the fabric is UHMWPE fiber. The product has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, GJB9001B-2009 weapon equipment quality management system certification, and GBT28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety management system certification. At the same time, the fabric also passed the GB18401-2010 National basic technical specification for textile safety.

Dyeing and Finishing Process: Coating (waterproof)

Design for: sportswear/mountaineering clothing/cut-resistant fabrics

cut resistance t shirt (7)
cut resistance t shirt (6)

Use: Luggage, Coat and Jacket, PILLOWS, Shirts & Blouses, fencing suits/anti-stab glove/Surface waterproof

EN388:2016: Level 2/3/4 or higher


  • It is made from UHMWPE Fiber, which is high Strength and light Weight
  • It has excellent anti-cutting performance
  • Option Surface waterproof

Type of UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric

Model Number: UPE4-485UPE4-680UPP3-680UPF4-320UPP2-300WRUPP3-260UPF4-300WR
UHMwPE Fiber %100%100%88%60%60%88%60%
Polyester %12%30%40%12%30%
Fiber Glass %10%10%
Nylon %
Spandex %
Water ResistanceW/RW/R
Weaving Structure: Knitted / PlainKnitted / PlainKnitted / CircleKnitted / PlainWoven / TabbyWoven / TabbyWoven / Tabby
Area Density (m2): ≈485g≈680g≈680g≈320g≈300g≈260g≈300g
Roll Width: ≈185cm≈185cm≈185cm≈165cm≈150cm≈120cm≈132cm
Roll Length: 40M+40M+40M+80M+100M+100M+100M+
EN388:2016 Level:44+34234
OEM:  Accept by customized structure, color, width, area density, cut level weaving

Application of UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric

Main using for below products:

  • Cut-resistance backpack / bags
  • Cut-resistance fashion clothing
  • Cut-resistance POLICE / Military / VIP uniform
  • Other cut-resistance products
cut resistance t shirt (4)
cut resistance t shirt (9)

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