wallpaper (5)
guodun armor bulletproof helmet (24)

PASGT Ballistic Helmet

~1.35kg/pc for NIJ IIIA protection aramid helmet

guodun armor bulletproof helmet (20)

FAST Aramid Helmet

Tactical rails system & one button adjustable suspension

guodun armor bulletproof helmet (34)

MICH Bulletproof Helmet

MICH 2000 with 7 pads suspension system

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier (64)

Bulletproof Vest

With NIJ level IIIA, III up to IV protection

Full Protection Body Armor

With front, back, sides, shoulders, neck, groin protection

concealable bulletproof vest (12)

Concealable / Anti-stab Vest

Convert for VIP bulletproof & anti-stab protection

Bulletproof Plate

Level III Bulletproof Plate

100% PE NIJ 0101.06 level III / 7.62x39mm MSC / RF1

Bulletproof Plate

Level III+ Body Armor Plates

NIJ 0101.06 level III + 7.62x39mm MSC + SS109 / RF2

Bulletproof Plate

Level 4 Body Armor Plates

Sic Monolithic / 7.62x39mm API + 7.62x53mm AP / RF3

Bulletproof Shield (1)

Level IV Ballistic Shield

NIJ 0108.01 level IV protection with movable wheel

guodun soft armor panel (14)

Bulletproof Backpack / SAP

NIJ IIIA bulletproof backpack / vest inserts

Bulletproof Panel with window

Armoured Ballistic Panel

For bulletproof car, ship, door & vehicle appliation

anti riot suit helmet shield (4)

Anti Riot Helmet

Convex or flat shape anti riot helmet

anti riot equipments (3)

Anti Riot Suit

Different style anti riot suit

guodun armor pc police shield scaled 1.jpg

PC Anti Riot Shield

3.5-4.5mm PC with different style

anti impact tpr glove 600x602

TPR Anti Impact Police Glove

Tactical Full finger or Fingerless style

white cuff level 5 cut resistance glove.jpg

Cut Resistant Gloves PU coat

EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistance Glove 4542

cut resistance glove 4241x

Anti Impact Cut Resistant Gloves

Anti Impact & EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistance Glove

guodun armor banners (50)

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